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    Great work, and a nice tutorial, Thanks for sharing!

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    Woaaaw, this model looks adorable! Keep going!

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    Originally Posted by alf0 View Post
    wow this is really really amazing man how do you color the hair, and her skin, is it photo skin or hand painted
    Thanks! This is how I colored the hair
    Yeah, the skin is hand painted

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    Nazar deepest respect to your most amazing craft and kind, helpful attitude!

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    Originally Posted by cgstrive View Post
    Nazar deepest respect to your most amazing craft and kind, helpful attitude!
    Thank you, Jury!

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    Add my up vote on this one... excellent model all around... but your tutorial on the braiding... most beneficial of all... Thank You and keep up the great work!
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    Dude your killing it! Nice seeing a bit different style from you

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    Absolutely stunning work! Thanks for sharing the video

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    excellent work!! and thanks for the tutorial, I've been playing around with making braids, can't wait to try this

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