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    BGMC 27 | Reprise

    Here's my entry, delicately thrown together in under 24 hours, was last night where I had a sudden flash of inspiration, the themes allowed for something basic, and so what you have here are the results.

    Very proud of this one, so I hope you like it!


    Gameplay consists of jumping over obstacles as an on-rails cube, not much else.
    I definitely put more effort into the music, rather than the game, and trying to sync the two up was a nightmare, but I think it came out okay!

    Version 2.78.4
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    Two things:
    -I forgot to include a sensor to reset the player upon falling off the platforms, I'll add that in tonight, as it's kinda really important.
    - You can hold spacebar to continuously jump over successive platforms

    *File has been updated with a crude fail state. Have not tested it*
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    Beautiful game. Super hard. Had to play a dozen times.

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    Awesome game!
    I got quite far on one try, I'll probably try to finish it later. After a day of looking after my youngest son outside I don't think I've got the nerves for this right now.

    Working without bugs on blender 2.78

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