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    Fast carve addon new features : LIve Booleans, Auto Mirror

    Hi guys, fast carve is in version now and in this video I show some new features:

    • Live / pending Booleans
    • Auto mirror and setting the origin with one click
    • Adding and clearing sharp edges

    I really hope you like it!

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    This looks really nice. Like the clean and simplistic UI!
    Thanks a lot!

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    Very nice, but if I understand correctly, carve code will be removed from Blender.

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    Will this still be available in 2.8? I heard it was a bug that was reworked by users into a sort of hack.

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    Thanks, but I think a post in the Addons subforum would have been more fitting.

    On the Addon itself: I might not see the real strength of it yet, but its mainly macros at this point, right?
    For the "center origin & mirror" button Id suggest it takes the active object as origin for the other selected objects (bool obj's) rather then the world origin. Only if there are multiple selected ofc!

    Keep going.

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