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    [SOLVED] Looking for examples of rigid bodies driven by armatures

    I'm learning rigid body physics in hopes of applying them to a model. I'm currently trying to use rigid body physics to control an hoop earring, which seems like a good training exercise. I've smashed blocks and done other simple demos.

    To give an indication of what I'd like to do, I need to have a) rigid bodies that are parented (anchored) to bones; b) rigid bodies limited by rigid body constraints that are used by other bones to drive position and rotation. For example, for my hoop earring, I want a three body system: a rigid body anchored to the head; a rigid body constrained to the anchor, that an earlobe bone stretches to; a rigid body constrained to the earlobe rigid, whose transformation the earring bone copies. I want to use rigid bodies for this for speed, simplicity, and compatibility with other engines.

    So far, I'm having a few problems, mostly with regards to the rigid bodies ignoring the armature-driven movement of the anchor.. Or else responding strangely to it, I'm not sure.

    I think the fastest way that I could learn this would be by looking at another .blend file, but I'm having trouble finding other files that do this.

    Does anyone know of any files I can download and study to get a better grasp of how to do this?
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    Figured it out. Here's a demo file if anyone else is looking for one. Probably could be streamlined but should demo what's necessary.


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