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    UV-Unwrapped Stanford Bunny - Happy Spring Equinox!

    Happy Spring Equinox! Seems like a good day to post a bunny-thing . . .

    I've been playing around with the Stanford Bunny -- I patched the hole between the forelegs, deleted most of the underside, uv-unwrapped it, then used Joakim Tornhill's "pointiness" procedural shader setup and baked it to get a grayscale texture map. In GIMP I colorized a layer of that into a cream base and colorized another into a pink for the ears and nose-mouth (used a layer mask to "paint" that onto the base layer). Did the eyes in Inkscape with a brush-filter added in GIMP.

    This is a Cycles render with Troy Sobotka's Filmic OpenColorIO configuration for Blender's color management. Although I usually adjust my render colors in GIMP, this time I wanted to see if I could get what I was looking for (higher saturation and a bit warmer) using just the color management in Blender -- in the Use Curves box C is X 0.62 & Y 0.23, and I dropped the Blue a smidge (X 0.5 & Y 0.485)

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    Then I thought I'd try for the whitewashed terracotta look of the original bunny -- don't think I quite managed it.

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    Just in case somebody'd find this useful I've put the files up at DropBox -- if you want everything (Blender files, GIMP files, etc) it's nearly 75MB, but just the modified OBJ and textures for it is less than 3.5MB. 72.6MB 3.3MB

    All contents of these zip files are CC0 2018 KickAir8P - Public Domain with the following exceptions:

    • Although the Stanford Bunny has been made freely available for non-commercial use, it is not public domain.
    • The HDRI (studio015.hdr) used in the blend files is from zbyg's HDRi Pack 1 under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

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