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    Erisian Sketchbook

    I have been using Blender only a few weeks now and I have a lot to learn. The first two pieces are where I first learned to use shortcut keys and to extrude and size on a single axis. I haven't learned colouring and texturing in Blender yet so I used other software to UV map and texture.
    Name:  Autumn Pot.png
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Size:  464.9 KBName:  Metal Fountain.png
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    I am also designing a high collared cape for an alien character
    Name:  cape question.jpg
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    Created a belt and a staff.
    Name:  Wahjeh Belt.jpg
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Size:  136.8 KBName:  Wahjeh Staff.jpg
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    I posted this addition to my sketchbook before but it seems to have vanished. My apologies if it turns up twice. This is a belt and a staff I have created in Blender.
    Name:  Wahjeh Belt.jpg
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Size:  136.8 KBName:  Wahjeh Staff.jpg
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    Been Learning how to use SVG paths from Gimp
    Name:  Quad01.Jpg
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Size:  118.4 KBName:  SilverQuad.jpg
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Name:	Dunnoyet.jpg 
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