Heyho everyone,

We are currently a group of three people makign a game in our free time (we dont rush things) and are looking for people that want to join us in our journey.
Me: 3D Modeller (Rigging and animating sometimes)
Torax: Animating and Art
Fhs15: Coding

Now to the Game:
Our game will be first and third person, Low-Poly style and taking place in a post apocalyptic (propably not depressing) scenery with hopefully completly destructable environtment. We want to make small steps in the beginning. We were also thinking about adding fantasie creatures or maybe a little magic (nothing op) to make it more fun and easier to maybe lift objects (no one can carry a 10m tree). The Game will also include a crafting system and a building system. Later we might go for NPCs and maybe a COOP PvE.

Wat we need from you:
- 3D Modells
- Animations
- Coder (C++) (we want to use ue4)
- Special Effekts designer (campfire etc)

I am looking forward to hear from you.
(When we finish the game we wont put it out for sale we are only maybe going for donations)

If interested please contact me: https://discord.gg/WUeuw53