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    Building a team for pokemon open world game

    First of all im not good in english

    Im building a team of biggeners who willing join my team to make a game. I dont have money (zero budget) in my wallet to pay who want to join in my team.. what i only have are all modeled trainers, over 100 pokemons(rig, texture) and over 100 assets ready to use in game. I all welcome everyone to join my team with or without any experience. If this project will succed, everyone in the team will get a fair share.Everyone who interested you can pm me, leave comment below, or sent friend req on my discord teamblender3d#0514.

    Needed :
    Programmer/s (prefer unreal engine programmer)
    Or any programming languange is fine
    3d artist(Blender3d users only)

    Project Name : Pokemon World RPG
    Platform: andriod / ios

    Team Blender 3D
    3d modeler

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    My friend in phil told me that all animate models are wipe bcoz they need to clean all pc and update it . So the only left are unrig models of pokemons(it bcoz it not that complex rig it so they didnt copy it).

    Here the example of main character we made.
    i welcome everyone who want to join the team and even if you only small time for the game is appreciated
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    Hi! I would love to join your team! I use both blender and z brush. You can contact me on my email : [email protected]

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