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    How do you get your inspiration back?

    I used to spend a lot of time on blender everyday. Then I've gotten very busy with life and am often too tired to even sit in front of the computer. I now have some free time but whenever I sit in front of the pc, I just can't make anything. Nothing comes to my head. I lost the vision I used to have. Back then, I used to sit and I would instantly have an image in my head. Now there's nothing. How do I get it back? does this happen to you guys as well? How do you fix it? Thank you.

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    Do you know your source?

    Sometimes, a movement in any direction, even opposite, is all that's needed to go on.
    While sometimes, being still, being aware of a moment, if observed closely, is even better than movement.
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    I see. I have changed and I cannot go back to what was. I should not try to pursue old me, but try to find new me. Thank you. Maybe I should try drawing before modeling. I used to draw everyday as a kid, but not anymore. Maybe that'll inspire me.

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    i find instramental music to be very inspiring. for more relaxing, theres a genre "real music", cusco is one of my favorite artists here.

    two steps from hell and audiomachine do trailer music, some more intense then others. some my favorite inspirational music.

    then theres good old classical music.
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    Music is an interesting approach to it. I will try it, thank you. I usually prefer silence but it isn't working anymore, so I'll try with sound or music.

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    When disconnected from a skill for a long time it is hard to get back into the swing of things. By gradually reintroducing that skill it comes back to us.

    I recommend going back to basics by modelling something to hand such as a keyboard, mouse, mobile phone or lamp shade. Build a library of general props that you might use at a later time for when your motivation does return. It is when you are working on such simple, mundane stuff that you start to get an idea of what you would rather be doing, and by doing so you are able to move on quickly when you finally do get that idea. There isnt much worse when being tied up when an opportunity arises!

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    I understand what you mean. I guess it's because I stepped away for too long.

    I've wanted to create a library for a while but never did. I think it's high time I make it! Thank you for the idea.

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    Best of luck to you, Shenfara. ^_^

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    I can offer this...

    I've lost my motivation a few times and how I get it back is by doing one (and sometimes all) of the following:
    • (re)start with something simple
    • go back and re-watch tutorials that motivated me before
    • (specifically for modeling) build something I have on my desk
    • re-watch Despicable Me (my favorite animated movie) or Shrek (my second most favorite), not all the movies in the series, just the first one(s)

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    Are you distracted by something else in your life?

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    Agree with Daedalus_MDW music helps. Sometimes I just listen to study, relaxing gentle mellow instrumental music. Sometimes soundtracks or EDM depending on work I am doing. Also good to look at work of other people and projects they are doing and be inspired and propell me back into action.

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    Here are some good pointers also.

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    You've obviously got a lot of things in your mind, you have to let all worries go, then concentrate...I'm quite sure that all lost inspirations and motivations will come back once you follow that

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    Well, I went out exploring and this found me. So, when you get to the first music part make sure to go to full screen and auto-play is turned on. Well, you might have to experiment a bit, eventually though, it may indeed serve as inspiration. If not, that is the best I can do for now.
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