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    [Rev Share] Team looking for Arists!

    About us:
    We are NE Studios, a team of 14 developers building multiple mid scope games, currently with 3 games in development, and 1 released title on Android, called Atlas Sentry.

    We are a small team, everyone currently on the team and future teammates must be interested in game development as a whole and not just one role, being a small indie company it is very important that you can wear a few hats and not just one. Everyone on our team is a game dev.

    Looking For:

    3d Artists with experience handpainting stylized textures, who can match our art style

    3d Animator who can also create rigs

    2d Artists


    Experience developing in Unity
    For 3d artists: experience with coding shaders

    Requirement for all positions: A love of game development and to be very self motivated.
    We are a very active team, you must be too.

    Team Website:

    Atlas Sentry on SlideDB:

    If interested or for more information add Nick on skype: nicholas.boucher4

    Art Style:




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    I know how to model a character but im new in nlender so i cant show you portfolio. You can add me on email [email protected].

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