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    Jul 2013
    Maya + Redshift + Xgen
    fusion 360
    Substance painter and designer

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    - Blender, Cycles and now Eevee
    - Rhino + Grasshopper
    - Affinity Photo
    - Gravit Designer - amazing free vector program
    - Affinity Design
    - Davinci Resolve, long time FCP/Motion user, but needed something that can work on my windows workstation, amazing Video editing software
    - Krita
    - OBS Studio for screencasts
    - InDesign for reports in the office
    - Mac's Pages for reports for freelance/private work (Hopefully Affinity Publisher gets published soon)
    - Atom for scripting
    - Makehuman for populating scenes with simple people
    - On ipad: Mostly Morpholio Trace, Affinity Photo, Concepts

    I am an architect, working mostly in the conceptual design phase of large projects
    Architectural concept design with Blender | UHStudio | Youtube

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    Jun 2016
    Interesting topic!

    I'm a modeler, visualizer and illustrator for the toy industry, advertisement agencies and various media. I've got a background as a game designer.

    I use a lot of tools:

    • Blender is my Swiss army knife for 3D. Among other things I use it for 3D animation, stylized 3D rendering, and for quick basemeshes existing of separate parts.

    • After creating basemeshes with separate parts in Blender I switch to ZBrush to blend the parts together, sculpt details and retopologize.

    — I used to sculpt in Blender Dyntopo, but since the release of ZBrush 2018 which includes Sculptris Pro, I tend to prefer that. This has also caused me to do my modeling purely in ZBrush lately, skipping the Blender basemesh creation stage.

    • For specific, tough retopo and texturing cases I use 3D-Coat.

    • For smooth and precise hard-surface modeling, and for 3D objects derived from 2D vector shapes I love MoI 3D. It's a great piece of software from an indie developer who worked on the first Rhinoceros version(s). It's also surrounded by a great, helpful community, and deserves more fame than it currently has.

    • For 3D rendering I use Keyshot Pro if the model is created in ZBrush. Keyshot is very user-friendly, fast, and fully supports ZBrush models, including Polypaint. When creating something in Blender I use Cycles, and I'm currently testing Radeon ProRender for Blender, which is very fast, but still lacks some functions at the time I write this, such as vertex color support.

    • For 2D animation I love Apple Motion. I guess it's only available for MacOS, but it's a really great and very affordable alternative to Adobe After Effects.

    • For 2D vectors I use Affinity Designer. Sometimes I first use MoI to create the vector shapes, then I easily port them over to Affinity Designer to fill and/or outline the shapes.

    • For post-processing and image processing I use Affinity Photo and the paid Pro version of PhotoScape X (a relatively unknown gem that also deserves more love).

    • For fast batch image conversions and batch image processing I use XnConvert.

    • For high-quality image denoising I use Neat Image.

    • For high-quality bitmap image enlargement I use Photozoom Pro.

    • For bitmap to vector conversion I use Vector Magic.

    • For pixel art and pixel animation I use Aseprite.

    • For voxel art I prefer MagicaVoxel.

    In case you're wondering: yes, all those different keyboard shortcuts can be confusing every now and then.
    visualization pixel art illustration 3D design

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    I do mainly product design and presentation for work and a bit of everything as a hobby.

    Trying to stay mainly open source:

    → Blender for all mesh 3D work, rendering and video editing.
    → FreeCad for simple 3D cad
    → Solid Edge for more complex 3D cad desing
    → Netgen to generate a friendly topology mid-lowpoly SLT from STEP files, then i bake the normals from the high poly but messy STL files from CAD software.
    → Meshlab to decimate meshes in some cases.

    → Krita to edit any kind of images whenever there's some brush-work involved (use the clone tool, masks...), also for minor color edits and scale images.
    → RawTherapee for any in deep color edits, playing with dinamic range, shadows and highligts, tone mapping... for any kind of images, RAW, renders... even jpegs.
    → With the Krita+RawTherapee i don't use Gimp anymore, but still have a copy arround just in case.
    → Natron for converting image sequences rendered in blender to videos, with compositing and all that stuff. But for minor things still using blender's compositor.
    → Inkscape for vector images.
    → Awesomebump to generate maps from textures in case i can't find a good texture set for a material.
    → Scribus for desktop publishing.

    Manjaro Linux except when i need Solid Edge

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