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Thread: Ceramic Cat Doorstop

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    Ceramic Cat Doorstop

    You can find it at

    ..I put up some more images on deviant art but it only seems to show three of them in y gallery

    Believe it or not but the model took aroun 3 - 4 hrs to make :-|

    anyway C&C welcome

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    being a cat person, I love this! There's a couple of things I'd change though. The ears/tail/feet look a little too 'pointy' - try rounding them a bit. Other than that I like it. Where can I buy one?


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    Awww... its so cute :P

    Its nice modelling, but the texture just doesn't do it for me. Especial the fact that you seem to have the same one on both the cat and the floor. Some nice woodgrain on the door would do wonders, they have a ton of nice free texture resources linked from Also, some ao I think would really help this scene. Also, the lighting outside doesn't quite match the lighting inside. Try using a spot set to shadow only, and have it cast a few extra shadows inside.

    I really like how you can see some of the room that is behind the camera in the reflective eyes though.

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    Pretty good. I agree with the feet being too pointy, especially for a doorstop, and there seems to be a slight problem near the back of the cat. I'm not sure, but it could be due to using Subsurf with some triangles. Other than those, I really like the modeling job you've done on this cat.

    I think it's watching me...

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    that is true... a doorstop with pointy legs isnt very practical..
    I think the problem at the back youre refering to is the reflection?
    I didnt want to make it too shinny - just so it looks like it has a reflective gloss to it- guess I didnt do that too well :-|

    Thx for the comments everyone

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