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    Object Library - Rookie Question

    Been working on learning blender on and off for a couple of weeks as time allows - I am loving it. My plans are to create effects, animations, and special screens for my home movie making habit....this tool is great stuff and my hats go off all who helped in the development...

    anyway, here is my question - what is the best way to make an object library? As I create individual objects that I can reuse in multiple projects, is there a way to store them off in a library fashion. From what I can see, creating individual blender files and then loading and appending them into projects as the way. Are there other ways....Also, I would like to do the same with effects or materials or whatever that I come up with inside blender - can I export these into some form of library? I'm just curious as to if there are smooth ways to accomplish the task.....

    Thanks and forgive this rookie while he learns - I am reading the documents as fast as I can and learning by playing but there is such a huge learning curve.....again, Thanks!

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    Appending is probably the easiest way for simple things. You can also designate a 'library' layer and keep stuff there, only turning it on when you need to grab one of them.

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    There are only two link append methods that i know of. The ordinary append which just copies the object to your working file (the usual way) and the link option (second button at bottom of append window) This links the data to your working file. You cannot modify or move it (it appears as a grey blue colour). You can only alter it in the original file. This is usefull for scenery etc. Ive not tried with materials, but this should work I think.

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    Thanks! I was afraid appending and linking were the only ways. I guess the best way for me to do this is to create a library directory and have several individual blender files that contain objects that I want to reuse. For example, a balls.blend that contains all the ball objects I might use in the future. Then, have files for boxes or sports or clouds or whatever. I would then just have to append or link from those library files.
    I had hoped for a bit cleaner implementation. But, I can't complain, the power I get for the price is superb!!

    Thanks Again!

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