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Thread: Object Snap in Blender

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    Object Snap in Blender

    I'm trying to find out more about object snap in blender --
    I have two cubes and would like to snap them together at corner vertices,
    how could I achieve this? (Or even face to face, edge to edge, etc...)

    I see that the cursor can be snapped, or the object to grid, but I have not found a way to snap object to object...

    Thanks for any help or ideas,


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    1. go into edit mode of one cube and select the corner vertex.
    2. shift-s -> cursor to selection
    3. tab back to object mode and in the editing buttons -> mesh panel press the center cursor button. This move s the object center to the vert location.
    4. tab into edit mode of the other cube and select the other corner vert.
    5. shit->s -> cursor to selection
    6. tab into object mode and select the first cube again.
    7. shift-s -> selection to cursor.

    Harder to explain than do.


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    Hi bbynum! Welcome to Elysiun. As far as I know there are no snapping function beyond shft-s or holding down crtl for 10 Blender units/ shft for smaller increments. You can use your 3D view to effect - for eg. Top view move will not effect Z axis, and the other views work the same. Or moving G key X key, will also give added control, if you just wanted to move in X direction.

    You can join loop edges together in Edit mode with Mesh / Scripts / Bridge faces edge loops, which might be more effective for what you are trying to do?

    Hope that helps....

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    Hi PatDog and Greybeard,
    Thanks for the help... I am now snapping objects happily!

    It seems that EVERY 3D editor is different. I am used to AutoCAD, TrueSpace, 3DS, but the thing I love about Blender is the MANY features and huge and HELPFUL community.

    I had been playing with the object local origin as some way to do this but the multiple moves was where I was going wrong (wasn't doing 'em )!

    Thanks again...

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