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Thread: City building

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    City building

    would a script for creating cities in blender be possible, it beats making every single building.

    This article states how a script produces blocks depending on hieght maps, I need a random array of hieghts and im sure that blender can do that.

    It would become one of trhe most valuable assets of blender I believe, Maya doesnt have it, It is sorely the use of external programs.

    All one would ned to do is create models for windows, chimneys, doors, vents cabbling, and so on, create a set of rules which the script runs with and paste the objects to each building.....*dreams*

    Is it possible?

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    Hi there a couple of scripts in the python & plugin forum, I haven't used these so I can't give you any more info.

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    wow thanx, this is all I need, sorry should have looked harder...

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