Hi all,

I don't think this has been posted yet, so I thought I would let you all know that Blender has beaten 3DS Max and Milkshape 3D in a poll of indie game developers as the development tool of choice.


OGRE is an free, indie game engine that is quite popular amongst the indie developer set, at least among people who develop games as a hobby. It's quite a good engine, as far as I can see, with heaps of potential and certainly better than 90% of free engines out there (Crystal Space, anyone? :P)

As an indie developer I use Blender in my workflow pretty much every day... I'm an artist (2d) with Antissa Studios (a small indie game outfit), and a website developer too. Working on our latest game Unbirth, I can dabble in 3d art as well as stick to my traditional 2d textures and graphics. It's really a testament to Blender's power, once you get to know it, that I can make equally complex models in Blender in 1/4 the time it takes our lead 3D artist to make a character in Max (even though my models are shit ) Remember, a gun is only a device that focuses an explosion in one direction. Blender's community has a whole lot of energy, and if we could focus it in one direction... hehe we would have tremendous power. It seems the Garagegames partnership thing was a wise choice!

Actually, for our in-house engine, we were (and still are) considering making Blender our modeller and level editor of choice for free mod makers. We already have a working max plugin tho, so if the Blender plugin ever comes, it'll be a while.

2D artist and Biz Director,
Antissa Studios

PS. Yeah, I know my post reads like a fuckin press release, I'm so used to writing copy for forums, the habit sticks