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    Thanks for the tip about using the compositor. Didn't think of that.

    I was a bit surprised it took so long as well since the plane alone was quite fast to render. There were ~374,000 faces in total in the helicopter render and that ate up 6gb when running Freestyle. I thought it had hung or something but I let it be and it got there in the end. I had the other items hidden in another layer, perhaps it looked in there as well when evaluating? When I tried to render the other layer and hid the helicopters layer it ran out of memory when running. It didn't seem as though Freestyle was making use of virtual memory either? Not sure now, it seemed to end right on 8 gb without using the 4gb paging space I have set. Will have to run it again to check. It still may not have been enough anyway...but now I do have a work around Anyway thanks for Freestyle I hope feedback of my experience helps.

    approx. stats-
    plane layer - 53500 verts, 87400 faces, 8 obj
    helicopters layer - 283300 verts, 286500 faces, 2630 obj
    tanks layer - 433600 verts, 417600 faces, 450 obj
    blender file mem use shown in header 440mb

    using a Core2Duo E8500 at 3.8 ghz, 8gb ram, Win7pro-64, 128 gb SSD + 640gb HDD (has page file)
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    Big Fan,

    Many thanks for the additional info. It looks like the rendering process hit the memory capacity limit and started using virtual memory, which makes the processing substantially slow. Anyway it is worth properly updating the progress bar during mesh importing. I will fix the code to do so.

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    Quality tree seedlings

    We made an ad using freestyle.

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    Originally Posted by karlis.stigis View Post
    Beautiful! Excellent animation as well as rendering and compositing. I'd love to see a few screenshots (nodes, geometry). Thanks for posting that, very inspiring!

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    Wow awesome work! Thank you karlis.stigis for sharing!

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    Hi! Freestyle is awesome, I just started using it. I'm in quest for 80s style graphics - glowing lines against black background. In order to properly emulate 80s 'look', I need a few adjustments. For example:



    the places where the lines cross, the intersections of lines - are glowing more, they become brighter spots, is there a way to emulate this in Freestyle? A post processing for the crossings only?

    Also what is a good way to emulate glow? I'm doing it in compositor with "Glow" node, but maybe there is a better way that is built-in into Freestyle?

    Is there a way to make Freestyle object "transparent" that other Freestyle objects would be visible behind them?

    4. Is there a way to have the height-lines drawn, other that modeling specific geometry for this? For example height lines on a mountain, like in this example:

    let's say the underlying geometry is a simple quad mesh made with Mountain generator plugin.

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    Originally Posted by jubi View Post
    4. Is there a way to have the height-lines drawn, other that modeling specific geometry for this? For example height lines on a mountain, like in this example:
    Not sure how to do this in Freestyle with any old mesh, but you can simulate the correct edge geometry with a shrinkwrap projection modifier -- some meshes with a bunch of horizontal lines projected onto the mountain from different places. Depending on how complex your terrain is, this could get you the edges you need to use Freestyle.

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    Light Bwk
    answer for #1 and #2

    #3 render layer, masking and that sort of stuff, then combine in post

    #4 remesh it

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    As for #1 it looks really great, but your screenshot doesn't provide any clue how to get that effect, could you please describe your process?

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    Sorry late reply, seldom come here these days.
    The glowing intersections because there are extra geometry.
    The fading line using alpha modifier.
    The glow is post processed, glare node.
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    Light Bwk
    Keyframing edge/face marks tutorial by T.K. [LINK]
    I really wish there is an easy UI for this, at least an add-on to pull the stuff into 1 neat UI for speedy workflow.
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    We are supposed to use keying set to use it and directly to select and to mark edge in 3D view.
    It would help to be able to play animation in edit mode in 3Dview, too.

    In 2.71rc2, you have to go back to object mode, change frame and then go to edit mode to visualize marking changes.
    If you change frame in edit mode, displayed freestyle edge marks are not updated.

    We have a button to see shapekeys animations in edit mode. We can see vertices weight animation in weight paint mode.
    It is a logical to preview freestyle edge marking animation in the mode in which they are created.

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    Having to switch between the object and edit mode is a major obstacle for keyframe animation workflow involving edge and face properties. In the specific case when edge/face properties (including Freestyle edge/face marks) are keyframed using keying sets, this mode switching is automatically done, although that is a kind of ad-hoc workaround (kindly reviewed and approved by Aligorith). Obviously a more generic support as you suggested is desired. I did not pursue that development direction much further myself, but that's definitely a feature request worth making.

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    Quick updates of for Blender 2.71 upon a request through personal communications:

    from freestyle.types import Operators
    from freestyle.chainingiterators import ChainSilhouetteIterator
    from freestyle.predicates import NotUP1D, QuantitativeInvisibilityUP1D, TrueUP1D
    from freestyle.utils import getCurrentScene
    import bpy
    scene = getCurrentScene()
    upred = QuantitativeInvisibilityUP1D(0) # visible lines only
    #upred = TrueUP1D() # all lines
    Operators.bidirectional_chain(ChainSilhouetteIterator(), NotUP1D(upred))
    Operators.create(TrueUP1D(), [])
    curve_data ='Viewmap', type='CURVE')
    curve_data.dimensions = '3D'
    for i in range(Operators.get_chains_size()):
        chain = Operators.get_chain_from_index(i)
        verts = []
        it = chain.vertices_begin()
        while not it.is_end:
            p = it.object.point_3d
            p = * p
            verts.extend([p.x, p.y, p.z, 1])
        spline ='POLY')
        spline.points.foreach_set('co', verts)
    ob =, curve_data)
    base = = True

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    Has anyone figured out how to do multiple line colors on a single mesh? I'd imagine it'd have to use vertex groups or something.

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    Apply multiple materials to different portions of a mesh, and use the Material color shader to pull diffuse, specular and other material properties as line colors.

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    my character test on freestyle, a Dayak girl. enjoy....

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    Cool, very well done! Thank you for sharing.

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    I came up with this 2D pencil drawing look. I can give him different facial expressions (mouth shapes) with shape keys.

    Don't mind the bad animation. This was mostly a test to see how the lines work. I totally forgot to move his arms on the last walk stride, and his jump is weird.

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    Hey Scotchtapeworm, I like the style! Freestyle requires faces to draw lines along edges, while your model looks as if it is only made of edges without faces. I guess you have some trick there. Well done!

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