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Thread: Deleting key frames

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    Deleting key frames

    How can I delete keyframes from the timeline? Sometime's I'll screw up like any normal person, and I want to delete the keyframe, but I don't know how.

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    You can delete keys in the Ipo Curve editor window. In there, you'll see the Ipo curves and you can delete keypoints on the curve by tabbing into edit mode and selecting the control points on the curve. Alternately, by pressing K, you can toggle into key view mode, where full keys (collections of key points on different Ipos) can be moved together or deleted/copied/etc. Keys appear as vertical yellow lines that can be selected with right click, moved with G and deleted with X.

    Certain kinds of keys can also be deleted in the Action Editor. Take a look at that too. Deleting keys in the Action Editor should be self-explanatory.

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    thank you.

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