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    I working on my first real human model. As I went through the modeling process, I create vertex groups to help me keep things organized (e.g. left hand, right eye, teeth, etc, etc). As I get into the minute details in and around the mouth and head, I find it very easy to hide the vertex groups that I don't need to fuss with at that moment. However, when I move to a different area, I would like to be able to unhide just one or two groups without revealing everything else that is hidden. Currently, I unhide everything and then start selecting/reselecting groups I want to hide and hiding them. Is it possible to Unhide a single grouping?


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    I thought that outliner may do this, but it can't, unfortunatelly.

    I belive there isn't any way, other than unhiding all

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    Unhide everything. Scroll to the vertex group you next want to work on (in the Links and Materials panel). Click Deselect. In the 3D view, press H to hide the unwanted ones.

    A keytroke, a few clicks, another keystroke, and you are back on the road to success.

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    You know, I really wish I had thought of that given that it was easy. Typical engineering mindset - trying to make it harder than it appears.


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