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    Physics: Knee Robot Walk... a little bit like human beings

    I made a robot video I called Sphere Shoes Robot and posted it in this forum before. But I don't like it very much because it is not like the way that human beings do. So I made another one. It looks a little bit like human beings. The walking is made using Bullet in Blender 2.44 on WinXP Pro.


    File (Simulation):

    File (For Animation):

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    There is no need to edit IPO curves to make animations because Bullet generates the motion by calculating physically.
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    It looks good.

    If it was a human;
    The legs bend backwards too much.

    I think the problem is that the model has no feet. Once the leg reaches the straight position any further backwards bending should be taken up by the foot.

    Because it is a robot I don't think that matters. I like the first animation better for a robot, it's more unique.

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    I think thats a pretty neat way to use the physics! I haven't seen anyone do that before. A game idea make a tilting platform the player controls and a maze or obstacle course to navigate.

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    Thanks for the responses.

    Smoking_mirror: Yeah, there is a lot of things that I have to do to realize a human-like walk. As you said, the most awkward point is the motion of shin. It is now in progress and I want to improve the model or something better.

    shr1k: Thanks a lot. I'm very surprised at the power of Bullet and Blender. I was worried that little people would be interested in such a kind of uses to make a walking animation because it might have nothing to do with the usual way such as using armature, so your response encourages me.
    Have you already seen the robot walking infinitely? Infinity is interesting me more.
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    looks good but when i watched it it looked to me as if the robots legs were attached by strings and dangling.

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    ledluver23: That's right. Our muscle will assist the motion of legs to walk more smoothly when we walk. The legs have us to feel like somewhat awkward.

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