0 bytes...

Some how blender took 2 GB and won’t free them,here’s what happened.

I decided to make a smoke anim. where the smoke passes trough a system of pipes,it was all ready,and because I wanted more detail,I increased the smoke “division” to 64 and the High Res Division to 2,and I started to bake it…20 min later,I got that “running low on disc space” pop-up,at that time,I ignored it,but some time later Blender crashed,no error,just closed,and now I have 0 bytes on the drive Blender is on…I tried restarting but that didn’t fix it,Blender also won’t start. :frowning:

My guess is that some where ,there are cache files for the smoke,that take all the space,but I can’t find them. Please help .

Win or linux? The latter I hope…
Theese should go into the tmp folder anyway, so c:\ mp or /tmp or whatever path you set in your preferences (Files tab).

not to worry,I fixed it,I just did a search for any thing created today,and found them. but why didn’t Blender delete them automatically? I also found 2 GB worth of other caches,of previous,fluid & soft body bakes .

Why should blender delete them, you may want to use them. You should learn the ins and outs of what you are doing.


yea,but Blender has a new trick every day :smiley: any way sorry for starting this rather useless thread.