0 frames on disk, cache is outdated : unable to reset multiple cloth physics cache

Hi guys :slight_smile:

I have an animated character with 5 different meshes with cloth physics on it.

When I hit “Bake all dynamics”, only one is baked in cache (the first one but I don’t know if it is relevant to say it). All others have an outdated cache. If I hit “Delete Bake” on one of them, then hit “Bake” it only goes through the frames without calcutations, and the initial message remains : “0 frames on disk, cache is outdated”.

Can you help me to reset this ?

Edit : Should I consider that Blender can’t create a cache per cloth, so I have to export the first one (which is properly baked) in .mdd, then bake the second, export it etc ??

No one guys ? :thinking:

I’m having the same problem. Did you fix yours? Cant find a solution :pensive:

Hey, sorry for the delay, I had to take a long break on this.

Anyway, I don’t remember that I’ve found any solution. Did you ? It would be nice to know what was going on for anyone reading this.

I ended up remodelling pretty everything because this draft was garbage haha