01 Some goat guy


Looks nice. What’s it for?
Do you use multi-res or Dyntopo when you sculpt? Just curious.

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Thanks. It’s just for practice, i mainly use the voxel remesher.

So, you mean you sculpt on a remeshed mesh? Or you perform a remesh after you sculpt?

I have been sculpting recently, and my computer becomes very laggy if my subdivision is too high, but if it’s not enough, the sculpt looks very faceted. How do you manage that balance? I’m sculpting a low relief sculpture on a plane.


There are many tutorials out there about how to optimize Blender, i think for sculpting you can press N on viewport and search for an option called “Delay viewport display”, that helps a bit. I just create an UV Sphere and use voxel remesher to remesh it at 0.02 resolution and start to sculpt on it.

Looking awesome mang