"010" gives odd results

Today I found that if you enter “010” instead of “10” into a numerical input field, like those in the transform properties window, you get “8.000” instead of “10.000”

This is happening on 2.49a and 2.49b. Can anyone explain why this might be?

If you type “020” you get “16.000” and if you type “030” you get “24.000”

If you hit the “G” key to grab and then type “010” it moves “10.000” units as you would expect.

I’m not sure if it’s a bug, or if “010” is shorthand for “8” in octal, or if something else entirely is going on.


Interesting. It almost acts like binary with the farthest place holder not visible.

correct, a zero 0 prefix tells Blender the rest of the number is octal.

thanks for the confirmation PapaSmurf!