08 Blender Conference Video stream url?

Does anyone have the stream information available? It’s about 1 hour tll Ton opens and I’d like to set up to capture before going to bed.

Yeahhh…site went down for a while, now is on, but no information on streaming.

Ton’s speech is for 11.00 am


The live stream link is in the sidebar --------------------------------->

damn cache!

I’ve been watching Ton’s intro talk and of all the luck I walked out of the room before he started talking about Durian and walked back in once he started talking about Mango.

What did I miss?

First off, thanks for the stream :smiley: works like a charm. I wanted to attend the BC08 but i couldn´t make time to fly to Amsterdam :confused:
Even more sad, i will not be able to watch all the stream, so my question is if there will be recorded versions for download, and if not because of a lack of serverspace i will transcode them and host them myself if i get them somehow :slight_smile:

I heard Ton say it’s being recorded, my guess is they will be on Blender.org when ready. A collection at the end of the day might be a bit much to ask though…

Absolutely - and absolutely not ^^
Its actually no problem to instantly after one presentation put the saved stream online :slight_smile:

But i dont care when, i am just happy if they are available for download at all.
And maybe the admin could turn up the audio output volume a bit (if possible depending on the system in use) - audio output is very very low IMO. thanks