09 09 09 (Ninth of the Ninth Month of the Ninth Year)

Yep that wonderful date. Just wondering if you have anything that will make this a rememberable date . . . .

And I was excited about 09/09/99!

It all started on the thirteenth hour, of the thirteenth day, of the thirteenth month… lousy Smarch weather :rolleyes:


Um, 9 comes out…is there anything more epic than that???

I thought that was Homer Simpson.

I dont know… i think 121212 might be cooler. :wink:

They’re going to release some useless Beatles remaster box at 09/09/09 09.09 AM That’s epic :smiley:

09 09 09 is
06 06 06 turnet upside down, aint that exiting…

what do i do now??

ionee, have a snack

ionee, have a snack

sounds good!

Lol nice one - the inverted 666 :stuck_out_tongue:

Id say, do what you want to, the world will end today. =D
or is it the rapture today?

Appearantly, a woman is turning 99 on the ninth of the ninth month of the ninth year. I saw it in a paper a guy was reading on the subway. Free newspapers suck.

It’s my birthday!

Ohh thy lord shall bring down a furious wrath on the dreaded date, 090909. Thee who are not deemed holy and worthy enough of thy great lord shall burn in the pit’s of hell for all eternity.

To save yourself from this horrible outcome please donate just $100 a month to the church and you shall be saved.

Act now and you’ll get a free parker pen*

*After 12 monthly installments are complete.

I’m waitin for 11/11/11. Not only a cool date, but my birthday.

Should be cool if you become 11 years old that moment.

Oh DB stop it, you’re creeping me out! :stuck_out_tongue:

Blender had it’s 7th birthday on 09-07-09. How’s that for even more numerology: 07-09-07-09!