0MN1 - A Science Fiction Animated Film

Hello everyone,
Kind of new to blender (been switching with 2.8 from Maya).
I started from the beginning to work on an animated film, here are low samples (1024) progress of the work

There are a few space scenes coming too, I love everything related to astronomy.
I guess some of the design were inspired by Mass Effect and Alien in a way but in a more Hi-Fi polish. I like the glossiness of it, unlike my computer render capability.


I like and am impressed with what you currently have. It’s not always easy to switch to a new program, but I am rooting for you and hope you press on and complete this short you are making. God bless and keep up the hard work.

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me gusta este tipo de estilo Sifi esta genial

Looks great so far! Curious to see how it’s going on.

Oh, and I like that you’re going for Cycles, inspite of the render times.
Eevee surely has it’s benefits and purposes. But I have seen many projects ending up looking a bit cheap because of Eevee.

Thank you and I do agree, Eevee is great but definitely lack that extra mile to aim for realism.
It’s very easy to ruin a render and there’s not much you can do. We can hope that some day the dev will add real time raytracing with OptiX or future AMD updates.

A lot of the textures in the movie are glossy and the lighting is subtle, integrated within the set so Cycles was definitely needed to reproduce that soft look. I also wanted to play with different light colors and I think the soft bounce gives life to the set.

I still use Eevee though, probably in an original way: to check my UV. I think it’s great to have some kind of realtime texture look. It saved me countless time on objects where I had bad UV unwrap.

New work in Progress, I made a ship that is core essential to the story.
Got really inspired by Mass Effect and Prometheus.
Still impressed with how much ease I can do everything on Blender.
I feel like every second is spent doing some, creative decision instead of fixing technical difficulty, no regret of leaving Maya behind !

I used some Nebulae Add-on for the background and “Greeble and Plate generator” addon for some plating hull on the ship.