0rAngE Sketchbook

(0rAngE) #261

julperado, thanks! he’s a great and inspiring sculptor and really gave me a good base to work with, i just bastardised it a bit. Anyway, I was inspired when I saw that thing on his screen and wanted to have a go with it.

rbx775, thanks!
It’s nothing special. Granted, each one of us has some affinities towards a certain workflow, but by and large it’s all quite similar. You can watch anything from iceking, pitiwazou, Kent Tremmel, or even the old vids from Sick, we all approach it fairly similarly.
When it comes to sculpting in Blender, the one main thing is: are you gonna sculpt in Dyntopo or MultiRez.
I prefer Dyntopo, primarily because i don’t have a concept when I start sculpting, and prefer to be free to improv as I go along. Not to say that I don’t use MultiRez though, I do, when the occasion calls for it.
And then in Dyntopo, I’m 90+% of the time in the “SubdivideCollapse” mode, and “RelativeDetail”. Next thing is finding that sweet spot for the dynamic detail size, I usually keep it at ~8.00px.

I’ve got some stuff on vimeo, but haven’t updated anything in years.
I have only one full capture of a sculpt in blender, and even that was pre-PieMenus. At the time I was using the liquid ape’s pie menu addon that was something very different from what we have now. My workflow has improved considerably with Wazou Pie Menus and other Speed-Wazou stuff.
This is that sculpt session in blender

(0rAngE) #262

It’s been a while since I had any personal projects, been quite busy.
Got some time to re-render a couple of old projects, the dragon and the screecher. And got an early WIP version of Venom, did a quick render of it to check the forms. The goal is to pose him eventually.





(0rAngE) #263

I finally jumped on the 2.8 train. Stared customizing it, as I’m not a fan of the default state blender ships in.
Eevee is impressive.

This was my test dummy to familiarize myself with 2.8, customize it, and test Eevee. Rendered in Eevee with 64 samples, it’s fast on a GTX 1060 6GB … why be modest - it’s super fast :slight_smile:
Realy dig the SSS in the viewport, and it’s impressive how it deals with hair.


edit: added an extra close up

(0rAngE) #264

More Eevee, throwing some old sculpts in there.
There’s no UVz on this one, the textures are procedural

Added some volumetrics in eevee

(iceking) #265

Freaking legit stuff, man. You’re getting me excited over sculpting again! :smiley:

(Daniel Aubert) #266

Great work!! Just curious, how do you record these timelapses in Blender?? It looks like the history record tool from Zbrush.

(0rAngE) #267

Ice, Daniel, thanks!
We the Dyntopo Crew!!!

Daniel, regarding the GIFs, here’s a post I made that describes in detail how I made them. Manual labor :frowning:

Got another old model into eevee, really enjoying eevee

(0rAngE) #268

Did a quick sculpt jam, the first sculpt in 2.80. I’m a bit sluggish without my setup, but overall sculpting in 2.8 is pretty good. To get to this point in the screenshots took some 6-8 hrs.
Then I pressed the hidden EEVEE button. Still can’t believe this is in viewport, in realtime.



Broken image links
(0rAngE) #269

Moved that Venom from a few posts back into 2.80 Alpha to continue working on it there. There was definitely some tinkering with the sculpt tools in 2.80 compared to 2.7x, it feels different. Different - good though. I like it, I prefer sculpting in 2.80!

Never was happy with what I got with that Venom concept initially, I just got stuck. Had another go at it and at some point realized that the teeth from the pumpkin could sit well on him. This is more in line with the blurry vision I had when I started this.

(0rAngE) #270

Some EEVEE screenshots … screeeeeveeeeeshots … eeveeness

(0rAngE) #271

Tried a quick pose. Not too happy how it turned out, might do another one.
Still just eevee screenshots


Adjusted the curves in ColorManagement for Eevee to brighten it up a bit
And rendered a 360 with eevee
Edit 2: updated 360


(Craig Jones) #272

Sculpting in 2.8 definitely feels better, even though I am still getting used to working in it overall. I also love the speed still when working with matcaps - used to have such a lag that I was more a user of quick prefs for opengl lights.

(julperado) #273

That pumpkin sculpt is amazing! I agree with you, EEVEE is a blessing to get good, quick results without spending a lot of time rendering :slight_smile:

Now let’s hope the sculpting tools get some love after 2.8 gets released, viewport performance is still laggy in some situations when sculpting in dyntopo (for me at least).

(norvman) #274

Been out of pocket with work for a while just now getting over here to check out the sketch books…
Excellent work by the way…
only browsed the pics didn’t read much of the comments…
will have to come back and read more later…
Thanks for sharing the efforts…
Great stuff!!!

(yakuzakazuya) #275


I could’ve sworn I’ve seen at least one of your sculpts in sketchfab. An old guy with Mickey Mouse ears? My daughters and I love it. Hope I’m not mistaken :smile:

(Pitiwazou) #276

As usual, this is really great, well done :wink:

(0rAngE) #277

Craig_Jones . matcaps are OK to sculpt with on my system with 2.7x, I still preferred QuickPrefs.

julper . Thanks! Love Eevee … did I mention that already :slight_smile:
Oh man, would I love if WeTheDyntopoCrew ™ could crowd fund PsyFi, NBishop, Campbell or anyone competent to give some love to our beloved SculptMode. Performance being priority #1. I’m stubbornly still using blender for all my sculpting, both personal and professional.

norvman . Thanks!

yakuzakazuya . Thanks! No Sketchfab yet, still didn’t jump on that train :slight_smile:
Glad you like the Brute with the tiara, super cool to hear kids dig it as well! Thanks on letting me know. BTW those ears are from Minnie not Mickey (she’s got the bow tie) :wink:

Wazou . Thanks for the kind words, but even more so - thank you for all the goodness you’re contributing to the Blender Community. Much Appreciated!!! :beers:

Thanks for stopping by y’all :slight_smile:

Here’s a couple of eevee screenshots of something been doing at work. The head and legs I inherited from another artist, and had to take over to contninue with it, dropped it into blender and started playing with some booleans. He used ZBrush and C4D

Once I got some concept kind of flashed out, moved the model to 2.8 to see it in eevee. Does not grow old with me, still super impressed at what eevee can do. Eyecandy galore. The DoF in the viewport is killer! Made an auto-DoF rig based on Zach’s utube tut, improved a bit on it so it doesn’t get out of focus if the Cam is not aiming at the GEO. I should share that :slight_smile:


Dyntopo tests
(0rAngE) #278

Used Venom as the test dummy for Eevee NPR, using the “Shader to RGB” node.
Eevee rocks!


(julperado) #279

Love it!!
The shader to RGB node is another great adittion to Eevee! With that shader it looks like a promo piece for an animated Venom series on Netflix or something :stuck_out_tongue:

(Craig Jones) #280

This is the first I have heard of this node - and that does look like a great Venom animation waiting to happen there. With it being Eevee, then we could very well animate and render in the same day. Wow.

Love the whole form there, great posing and sculpting!