0X-Gears sketchbook

Sup folks, just a place to dump some renders, thanks for stoppin by in advance!

a few more old studies…



some more old renders…


predator front [ATTACH=CONFIG]275618[/ATTACH]

predator side [ATTACH=CONFIG]275619[/ATTACH]

just a quick sculpt, i wanted a break from humans and mess around…


i might fix this guy up later, not to happy w/ the way it looks… but, we’ll see what happens.

having fun rigging…



done with the last one (for now, never be satisfied people!!) and already working on the next mesh


since working on the female i’ve done some adjustments on the basemesh’s (i kinda like hazardous and his way of using his old base all the time) so i went and changed up some things, included the ref.

anyway, i got some work to do, catch ya’ll later.

change in light scheme… and i had to fix some proportions.




tweaking in progress…

dyna is fun and quick, but wires takes a touch more thought Lol. i blame myself for not mapping somethings out first.



nice sketchbook 0X, keep it up :slight_smile:

thanks, might be dull for the moment, but i’m almost done tweaking my two problem children. i’m looking to change up soon. :smiley:


in progress…

An the first impression i would guess that the hands and feet are a little too small.
But overall this looks already pretty good, keep working on it 0X :slight_smile:

oh yea, i threw the hands together, it was bothering me since i was recycling some parts for times sake. gonna redo the hands and feet to be a bit more natural looking as well as the gums and teeth… and the feet look like that from that angle.


thanks though, i still got a lot more work to do.


i’ve been on an epic quest… lurking around checking out renders, looking about how to improve my own. taking a few weeks to study up nodes and build up my studio file.

low samples so it’s going to be noisy, strictly for testing purposes.

having some fun for a moment.





some updates…

lmfao, i didn’t notice at the time i didn’t have that knee armor mirrored Xp

debating w/ self about the helm… might take most of it off and keep the face mask.



getting there… :smiley:

Keep on working mate, practice is the key :wink:
… lol … i have to practice more ^^ …
As hobbyist it is pretty difficult to find enough free time for this hobby. I know i will never be able to competit with the pros but still i will try to push it as far as possible :smiley: :slight_smile:

i haven’t and i won’t quit. i’ve been cleaning up useless accounts, attempting to make things a bit easier on myself. i’ll be on the horse later today.

and don’t worry about that stuff dude, it’s what you get out of the time you put in. i’m just making the most out of my situation. just have fun with it (while making $$$ on the side)… :slight_smile: