0X-Gears sketchbook

some updates…




really good progress OX … looks like a scifi samurai/knight hybrid :slight_smile: .

thanks, i’m kinda happy hammering out the flaws. tbh, i’m used to straightl modeling or sculpting, i never really work both at the same time, while learning some blender. LOL, not like i haven’t tried, i got some HDD space of crap.

some fun, while basking in the radiance of my screen.





what’s fixed and what’s wrong…

fixed is the pose, so it doesn’t look like it’s gonna fall anymore :p…

what’s wrong, the teeth didn’t parent to the bone in the right position, so it’s kinda “floating” it’ll be fixed. the uv’s created a weird area around the eyes, which will also be fixed, but for now gonna start the base of the next one. i liked how i got started with the whole thing, but i realized i my limitations once i wanted to texture the skin. upgrading my rig can fix that. anyway, i’m out for now.




yes, one of your best works in this thread 0X … just excellent :slight_smile:

thanks man, i’m trying.

but, i gotta give credit to following the references and the rig though. being 7 years old it can only handle 2 million polygons =/ lol that’s what that study showed me.

beginning of a do over


apocalypse :slight_smile:

small update


A real bad ass character 0X … looks prommising :slight_smile: .

It goes really well.
Nice sculpting on the body/head.

The dino looks great.
Cycles isn’t a low poly asset friendly render engine. (termination issues)
Asks always for 1-2 subd (subsurf) levels. That’s OK but it won’t show possible issues on normal maps.
Just remind you, cycles baking is here already.
Still experimental, however you may use it to bake box mapping textures on UVs.
A fine base for over painting.

Thanks for the tip, I (my rig) could only manage 2 mil poly so I just decided to retopo and bake and call it done. I’ll keep that in mind though, thanks again :p.

mecha frieza.

I like this character a lot, specially the mask and the jawline. Who is he suppose to be?

eh no one specific really. tbh, i was working on a concept and a chick friend thought it was a ninja and i kinda kept exploring till i got to what you see.

anyway, next guy in the set…

i’ll finish em both off together.



uoh … a very good exercice indeed. Keep them coming :smiley: :slight_smile: