1,000 fps

Amazing video shot at 1,000 frames per second.


I love stuff like that.

I got a camera last year which can do 240-480 fps, which is a lot of fun. Friends always invited me to soccer matches to get footage of them scoring goals in slow motion, its very interesting stuff.

Wish I had a camera like that, but it would be so expensive…

The cameras used for that are listed here:

One goes up to 10,000fps… :no:

Just imagine in a few years, how many fps will cameras be capable of? Maybe something like 1 million fps? That would be amazing, but probubly boring to watch.

Hey guys, this one can apparently do 1.4 million fps:


Hot dang…

great video. I just didnt like first 10 seconds. That was so gay.

Can anybody suggest music like this? Artists to check out.

Now thats just insanity…