1,000 shiny cubes on a shiny surface (wallpaper)

Just a quickie project that turned out to be a really cool desktop! Actually it’s the idea I’m working on for the 2.43 splashscreen contest, but I figured I’d post the desktop versions. 1600 x 1200 version is rendering now…

PLEASE don’t yell at me for the simplicity, it is a DESKTOP.


[Edit] 1600 x 1200 version: 1.49 MB

wow for how simple it is it looks realy cool
nice job

Nice very cool

looks cool though the 10th row from the top seems to be merged into the 11th row from the top, creating a single row of cubes twice the heights of all other cubes.

Looks cool.

But when I counted, based on the fact that the cubes are also throughout the middle of the tower, there are actually over 1,300 cubes in the screen shot (if you include the whole tower, not just visible cubes) so therefore I conclude that there is over 1000 cubes. Sorry, had to metion it.

Again though, its a nice render.

Cuby, Radscientist,

Nope. To me, this is a 10 by-10-by-10 cube on a REFLECTIVE PLANE!!!
This gives the impression that row 10 & 11 are merged (while row 11 is just the reflection of row 10) and that there are more than 10 rows…

In the thumbnail above, you actually can see that the reflection is not as, euh, reflective as the ‘real’ cube. This effect is harder to see in the full-blown picture.

If the bottom row would be suspended in the air at a height, half of that of the distance between the rows, the effect would then look like a 20-by-10-by-10 cube

Nic pic, though.

isn’t it a 9 x 10 x 10 ? only see 9 levels up…

mariolink, the last one down there is mirrored so it’s looking like it’s only a big one…

Bearing in mind that this is a reflected 10x10x10 cube, the 10x10x10 cube naturally has 1000 cubes in it. If you divide the cube into 10 slices, and then each slide into 10 rows, each row has 10 minicubes. So 10 minicubes * 10 rows * 10 slices = 1000 :slight_smile:

Yep, that’s correct. I wish I could do an animation with the camera going around it a few times so you could see all the interacting reflections, but the ray-tracing would make the render times really big. For that matter I wish I could make the cubes glass, but I don’t think Blender will allow enough ray depth to bounce through all of those cubes.

[Edit] Finished my splash screen idea!


Give it a go - I think it would look great!

I think the background could be better - it’s a bit busy with the clouds, distracting from the cuby stuff.

I think it looks awesome.
I would like to see an annimation or the glass material as you stated.Keep it up!:slight_smile:

Despite my misgivings I tried a glass cube render. Not as bad as I thought it would be, but there’s no way for me to know if it could’ve been better with more ray depth. Blender crashes when I hit render if I try to add ray mirror in addition to the refraction.

Sorry, I take that back, I didn’t realize it was on a reflective plane, but because of that I suggest that you make it more obvious, like having a little less reflection.


What raydepth does that have… looks too black for my liking.

Ray depth is 10, wish it could go deeper.