1/2 a UV map

I am UV mapping an image onto one of my figures. I have all the faces that I want selected, selected. When I go to UV map my image onto the selected faces, it only maps onto half of selected faces. The other half is left blank in potato mode. I don’t know if it matters, but I did duplicate one side of the mesh, but when it duplicated it didn’t reflect over the axis and I had to manually place it, but I am pretty sure it was dead on correct. I think this may be it, because the image stops at the faces on the duplicated part. So how do I fix this?

Somtimes normals face the wrong direction and this can happen. Try recalculating the normals. Go into Edit mode, select all vertices (A key) and press Ctrl-N.


Thanks, but it was a false alarm. Just something so embarassing I dare not tell.