1.5 GB on osx

Has anyone come up with a good way to work around the 1.5GB limit while working in OSX?

I know other people have brought this up so is it possible that the fix that was implemented in ED didn’t completely sort the issue?


Does it crash or something after reaching the 1.5GB limit?

yes that’s exactly when it crashes.

update to leoard ‘might’ fix the problem since leopard runs on a 64bit kernel, which does not have the 1.5GB user page limit.

then again lepard supposaly dosnt support blender

I’m not sure about that, I read that the kernel is still 32-bit for driver compatibility. It’s just the apps are 64-bit. I don’t know the specifics but it was on the Apple developer forums.

Only on the integrated graphics chipsets i.e Minis and Macbooks. iMacs (except the GMA one), MBPs and Mac Pros should be fine under Leopard.