1,5 Hours and still doing UV-maping calculations on 488192 edges model?


Blender 2.58 64bit from main site / Vista 64bit / 60% of c2d e4500 2,2GHz
Is it normal?

The model was UV mapped before subsurf in 2.49 but LuxRender can’t read the UV coordinates in 2.58.
There ain’t UV cordinates even in Blender, but i see the UV layout in UV editor, it shows like use generated coordinates or flat or cube type… (but no UV in that box, like with another model).

Also recommendation to devs, some info how much is done and how much is left to UV-map.

488192 edges, doesnt surprise me. There should be zero reason to uv unwrap such a high poly object. Have you applied a subsurf modifier ? There should be no reason to do so. Go back to your original model and uv unwrap. If you haven’t got it you shouldn’t make the same mistake in the future.

I have the model, yeah maybe when i UV map and subsurf all in Blender 2.58 then the LuxBlend can export the UV layout.

BTW it finished after 2 hours and 20 min and the UV layout doesn’t look what i was expecting.
Another try now with lower poly model.

How come you need so much?
500k edges=250k polys
If you are unwrapping, that to me says it’s supposed to be game-resolution…?

Food for thought:
Gears of War characters used 10k polys
God of War 3 - 20k
Uncharted 2 - 40k
Lair dragon and rider - 150k

I’m just curious, what are you modelling? A car?

No it was simple 3d text modeled /uv-mapped in 2.49.
I had hard time getting higher radius edge bevel without intersecting geometry so i figured UV-mapping is faster than to re-model the whole thing.

The mesh had a lot very close verts to each other. I do not remove doubles to avoid making holes in mesh. I deleted higher poly and made another lower.


You can let Lux do the subdivision check the bottom of Object data, will save you time when exporting the model as well.

Will it work like blender subsurf, i test it out.
Current scene already uses way to much memory, i need to take geometry down (subsurf applied), so no subdiv for now.