1.8 Manual

I’m pretty new to Blender -just got the 2.02 Manual :)) But scooting round the place I’ve noticed sites with translated versions of the earlier manual and recall a link at Blender.nl for an online manual (I assume English).
Is it still around?, was I mistaken in a tutorial hunting frenzy?, coz I didn’t click on it an now I wish I had - along with a hellofa lot of other links.

The 1.8 Manual was a hard copy manual, I don’t ever remember seeing it as a download. There was an addendum to the 1.5 Manual that had the additional info that was included in the 1.8 version, that was offered for download. The online manuals that were offered for download were very short versions of the full manual.

Thanks VelikM Guess it was wishfull thinking hehe