1/8 R/c Buggy car WIP


(Sobschack) #21

The engine, OS Speed 21XZ-B Spec. II Ty 110%. Will make decals tomorrow

(Sobschack) #22

ok… almost more parts to model, finally … By cons, a lot of work on shaders and stickers.

(Sobschack) #23

Shaders progress.

(Sobschack) #24

Modeling and LookDev finish ! Still the scene for the final render to make and after the rigging :sunglasses:

(RickyBlender) #25

look very nice in EEVEE I guess
with some lightprobe too and HDRI

how many verts total ?

happy cl

(Sobschack) #26

Maybe later for eevee, for the moment I have try but shaders look so far to Cycle’s !

2.5 millions faces.

(Pixelslip) #27

Damm, it looks so good! Did you break-in the motor? huhu.
Continue this way.

(MadeWithFeet) #28

Super class render.

(Sobschack) #29

Thanks :slight_smile:

Not yey but later for sure, all wiil be fonctionnal.

For the moment I have start ti work on the final scene but ti’s hard to light ! Mat/shiny, dark/bright ! Damn !
So lighting in progress :

I also start to work on the DIRT version, still no UV, only Box projection, AO (new version 2.79.6)/normal projection. Only some plastic part have been dirt for the moment.

(Sobschack) #30

Sneak Peek body part haha. I need to apply body’s shaders on my decal beacause it’s too… too much !
Procedurals shaders apply by mask paint with BPainter.

(Sobschack) #31

Ok guys, we are here. Still anti-roll bars and drive shafts to rig.

(Sobschack) #32

What’s a so cool tool is Eevee to show all animated works ! Love it !

(Lapland) #33

Truly amazing!

(pixelgrip) #34

great modeling and the dirt materials looking very good too.