1/840 Vexations

I’ve made this animation for fun and exercise with Blender 2.46 RC1 SSE2 Optimized LAA.
Thank Show_ryu for permitting me to use your MIDI file.

Here is the Animation. 16.3MB Divx_avi


you should’ve made her sleep while playing :slight_smile:


More softbody!

Thank you for watching my work.
It’s fun to think about what’ll happen during long refrain.
In the beginning she’ll follow what Satie said. That is to say “in utter silence, grave immobilities”.
Then she’ll gradually be intoxicated by the sound. And then…
Um…I did’t imagine she’ll sleep.

Thank you for your comment. Well,may be at the peak of her intoxication.

Well, that was a sort of a joke, because you made her look quite inspired, so a bounce here and there wouldn’t be amiss, I think.

:slight_smile: i was actually referring to the show where they played Warhol’s “Sleep” on the background while performing the whole piece…