1 background image to 3Dview seems restrictive


I was under the assumption that I could have a background image for side view (numpad 3), another one for my top view (numpad 7) and yet another one for my front view (numpad 1)

Was a bit disappointed to find out that you seem to only be able to have one image loaded in at once, per 3D view.

Or did I miss something in the UI? Hopefully I did.

Any thoughts?

UV map the images to planes, instead, maybe…?

Yeah thanks. I’ll do that. It’s what I had to do in maya. Was just hoping for a bit of a quicker setup time :slight_smile:

Yeah, I wouldn’t mind having this changed either. That said, if you place your front, side and back views strategically in GIMP/Photoshop, you can use the same image for three views, so it’s not a big loss, but a bit annoying nonetheless. Still, I think mapping stuff onto planes is far worse because they interfere with the 3D view.

the images go by pane. so if you split your window up into 4 3D views, each view has its own different background image.

There is a handy image-plane-mapping script included with blender called the 2D Cutout Image Importer that you might want to try.