1 butten, 2 things

How can i just let 1 keyboard butten do 2 things.

I just have a cube and that is visible. and when i press ‘space’ i want that cube to be invisible. and when i press ‘space’ the second time i want the cube to be visible. and that unlimited.

if you understand what i am talking about, pls help me:(

Set the keyboard input to space then create a and controller, then create a visibility actuator on the cube, uncheck the visibility box. then create a state actuator set the operation to “set” and click on the second box in the state actuator(the ones that look like the layers). now next to the controller buttons there is a little + sign in a circle click it and another set of boxes should appear. click on the second one(to change to the second state) and then create the same setup as the last time except this time leave the visibility box checked and click on the first box instead of the second box on the state actuator. that should work

i dont see the +
do you use blender 2.49b?

otherwise can you send me the blend file?
or a picture of the logic?

ok this link should work tell me if it does not

thank you it al works!
but i downloaded blender 2.5.

or you could make the space toggle a bool property, from true to false to true to false…etc
then make a property sensor, if it’s true, visible, if not make it invisible.

This is how I would normally do something that includes multiple states, I really should start working with states properly. Someperson1, do you have any links to point me in the right direction for using states?

is where i learned the basics of states, then i just work it in when i think it would work