1 Control PyDriver for several Shape Keys.

Hello, I´m working on a rig for a character, I´ve worked on the “Squoosh” character from the book Stop Starring, and it has a great control for the Shape keys (blend shapes on maya). That control uses several Shape Keys with several movements.

You can see an example on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6QZAnQY7ls

The way is made on maya is with an MEL expression on the control (a curve).

The MEL script is:

PelonCaras.R_Happy = clamp (0,1, (MouthCtrl.translateY - -MouthCtrl.translateX));

PelonCaras.L_Happy = clamp (0,1, (MouthCtrl.translateY - MouthCtrl.translateX));

PelonCaras.R_Mad = clamp (0,1, (-MouthCtrl.translateY - -MouthCtrl.translateX));

PelonCaras.L_Mad = clamp (0,1, (-MouthCtrl.translateY - MouthCtrl.translateX));

PelonCaras Is the name of the Blend Shape group… I guess there is nothing like that on blender, shape keys are contained on the mesh, this could be the name of the object.

R.Happy is the name of the Blend shape.

Clamp is a command to limit the action of the controler, In this case, when it moves negative or positive values on X and Y. depending of the blendshape it controls.

How can I translate it on a pyDriver?

Thanx a lot for your help, and I hope it can be useful to a lot of blender users.