#1 does'nt give front view & How to tell what view I'm i

Two ?'s 1st: Can any one please tell me if there is another way to change view otlher then the NUM Pad? I’m working with a lap top I use both a 3 button scroll mouse and the touch pad mouse on my lap top and I have Blender 2.4.1. I had NUM lock on using my key board Number Pad, which are the numbers under the letters. I was following a Blender tutorial and had to press 1 to go to front view to follow the rest of the tutorial. However my (1) does’nt seem to bring me to the front view. I realy don’t know where it took me. Could someone PLEASE tell me what might be wrong?

2nd: is there some where that shows you what view your in?

Thank you,
Will CE.

Go to System & OpenGL and turn on Emulate Numpad. http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/PartI/The_Vital_Functions#User_preferences_and_Themes.

In the lower lefthand corner of the 3D window is a little symbol. It will be either Z-X (front), Z-Y (side), or Y-X (top).


If you go to the top of the screen when the cursor changes to a double ended arrow – between the 3d window and and the menu and drag it down there will be configuration options. Under system and opengl press the button emulate numpad. Then the number keys above the letters will act as the same as a numpad. Note: the num lock didn’t work because the program doesn’t read the character “1” but rather the keyboard scan code.

You can see what view you are in if you are in an ortho mode in the lower left hand corner of the 3d window – the axis are displayed.


OOOH I see it now.
Thank you VERY MUCH!!! I’ll give that link a try. Is it different then the) num pad)?

Thank you very much!! That’s funny it was your tutorial I was watching when I couldn’t go to front view to follow the rest of the tut. I must say very very good tut as far as I got. I beleive it was the “subdiv” tute on the blender3d.org site. I also found some of your other tutes on your ibiblio site. Thank you for all your efforts. They are greatly appretiated.
I’ll let you know how I make out with the opengl task.
Thanks again.

I guess it would be too simple to just have the words ‘Top’, ‘Right’ … displayed there instead ? :wink:


Sometimes on laptops with the numbers on the same keys as letters, they will be a different color. They may be the same color as the Fn key in the bottom row of keys on the laptop keypad. That would mean that to use the numbers, you have to press the Fn key at the same time. Look at this picture:


I hope you can understand from the picture. Anyway, I hope this helps![/img]