1 evening project

hello everybody i made this little render yesterday, i already had an older version but i improved it a litte bit:p
old version:

improved version
i know its a simple litte thing but i like to hear your c&c:eyebrowlift:

animation! animation!
nice, very clean style.

thans for commenting

and i never rigged a ting so i dont have a clue how to do that :stuck_out_tongue: its just a litte picture i made for msn :stuck_out_tongue:

As Spacetug said, very good clean model :slight_smile:

I think an EdgeSplit modifier and a level 1 Subsurf would improve the quality of the hook to match the quality of the rest of the models.

hey thanks for helping i did what you said and it looks better indeed, also added subsurf to the line here’s the result:

i also got a question what does an egdesplit modifier exactly do, i guess it soften outs the edges:confused:

What EdgeSplit does is basically the opposite of “Remove Doubles” (found in the W menu of Edit Mode). It takes each edge and duplicates each vertex leaving them exactly on top of each other. This lets the subsurf do a really nice job of smoothing your model out while retaining those sharp edges.

ah ok, thank you for the help!! :slight_smile:

No prob my friend.

And the new render with the fixed hook is superb :yes:

man that will look sweet on msn
thanks for the edge split tip that will help alot

hey, great you like the picture:p

that little fishy is awfully familiar…

ah that is possible if you also have the fenoms lab training dvd, i just watched the basics and started missing aroud with it after that;)

Very nice! 5/5!

i really like it! cool simple style! :slight_smile: the coolest part is the pupils of the eyes.it actually looks like they are sort of sunken in to the eyeball, like real eyes. how did you get that look?

thanks Howker :slight_smile:


this little scene is just a mix of tutorials i follow a tutorial for the eyes and the fish i always start the tutorial and then get bored so il mess aroud a bit myself :stuck_out_tongue:

here’s the tutorial for the eye:

made some changed afther the tutorial but the tutorial is a good basic.

You should animate it and make a short-video out of it. :wink: If you’re planning to, tell me!