1 grid unit is 1.18 units? (2.63)

I’m trying to create an object with specific dimensions, so I turned on the Edge Length display option… and it’s measuring one grid space as 1.18 units. This is making it extraordinarily difficult to make something an exact length. Is there a setting I’m not aware of that causes this problem?

EDIT: And then another object in the same blend file is showing the same distance as .2 units. I don’t understand.

Have you cleared your objects scale (Ctrl+A / scale in object mode)
In your Scene / Units panel have you changed the Scale value

Please can you also post support questions in the appropriate support forum, not Blender Discussion

Remember to always use snaping option (hold down ctr if you are in blender units not in metric ) it is because 1.883 is same as 1.884 for blender and he will put 1.88.To make scale higher you can set grid scale from 1.000 to 0.100 and subdivisions to 10. the best way to avoid that is to use snaping or write numbers from keyboard or just swap to metric system it makes it easier.