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This is my Feb 14th WIP Contribution.
This was the best part of a 15 minute render with blenders internal jobby
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Crits on textures please.

The lid is modeled to fit perfectly.
Also is that darkness on the lid supposed to be there?

Lighting might need changing.
I can’t seem to get the velvet holder to look like velvet.


Are you using refractions for the lid??? try to set the depth deeper.

I think a little nore on the material of the case would help.

Try a rough Oren Nayar shader for the velvet with very little very soft spec.

Try the Heart with more reflections and a harder spec with the value turned all the way up.

If the Oren-Nayar doesn’t work, try a light cloud texture.

It’s looking great, and a nice motivation for my own love render (a non-morbid one).

Nice one, djfuego. But, your gold material looks quite bad. Isn’t golden at all. I think it should be more yellow to look like gold. And more reflection?

Then maybe add a emitting plane somewhere to get a cool highlight on the things (something to reflect).

I tried an emitting plane. Not good
an env map on the gold looks promising
I like the gold texture because it’s not over shiny
I.m planning on doing 2 renders of the holder. 1. Lid on 2. lid off
Rendertimes are the longest I’ve had to endure so I will have to be forced to test render at 25% Shame Gaus blur doesn’t work on raytraced stuff yet.