1 MFA series is done, 4 togo


in stead of posting 6 images here i decided to just give the link to the website, because otherwise this post would be pretty long.

the siet shows now the final renderings plus the real hand crafted silver obejcts.

silver pieces:

i entered two shows today, from which one is the most important show for metal design students here in the USA, SNAG Student show.
well lets hope i will get into it.

have fun


feel free to explore the rest of the gallery showing 80% of my work.

Wow, Very nice! I liked the spoon the most out of all of them. Your style on all of these are also great. :smiley:

Nice craftmanship there Cekhunen, it´s a pleasure to watch
the finished products. :slight_smile:

Great job…I have followed this project since the beggining…you have dedicated a good amount of time on this project and it looks great.

Both, renderings and real pieces are very nice, you have made a great job, the silver pieces are awesome with a great precision and are conformed to the models. Congrats.

thanks a lot people,

well the work will be what i will apply with at tyler or kendall for a teaching position. so it needs to be good.
this also might give some 3D people an impression about what is expected for a master student compared to a bfa student.


Im concerned for you health.

great work hope you get the Gig

I looked for the flaws… I really did :o

The small spot weld marks in the connections, the plastic… OMFG!

Dude you are fucking ruthless. I say kick ass and take names later… Rock on brother!!!