1 month using blender (noob) anyone got any tips

Was curious if these look amy good I’ve been using blender for about a month and did some tutorials but the Gir robot I did entirely myself only prob is the eyes aren’t meshed with body. Will that affect rigging or animation and so on. Also been working on female character and having some difficulty with the hand and I think i made her chest a lil weird lol. Also she has a ghetto booty. Any tips, critz, and ideas are helpful thanks

coffee cup

Logo in black and grey

gir robot with character plate

What kind of tips? Forums work best if you get stuck and have a specific problem to tackle. Introduce what you’re working with, towards what goal, what you did, what the problem is, and what you want. The more information you give, people on the forum can then reply with solution options, tips to improve workflow or point out bottlenecks. Perhaps check the tutorial linked in my signature.

If you want critique on the finished images you posted, there is a focused critique subforum for that but the feedback won’t be good. The models look alright but as images they’re not great, not even as model showcase.

If you want comments on modeling, you will have to show the model structure. Those could be showcased with wireframes showing on the solid shaded model but a .blend file is easier and gives a better view and an ability for others to produce images when they reply. The end purpose for the model is also often important to mention (still rendering, animation, game engine use, 3D printing, other), showing/linking to the used references help too if you can share those.

Ok thank you for the help it does make sense to put file on here so people can check it out. As far as my images not being showcase is that due to the scene setup not really much done to it or the render isn’t coming out quite good enough. I’m still pretty new so its kinda tricky getting lighting and camera all setup.

Selected Modeling Threads a sticky in the modeling forum, has a bunch of links to modeling tips on various subjects. No guarantees you’ll find what you are looking for, though, but it’s still a nice place to look through, and follow links to see how your fellow BlenderArtists pose and solve problems in modeling.