1.) Object form value - change in realtime 2.) slow trackt to

My first question is about “form” value in object settings, it controls the rotation of object, and I need it to change this value in realtime (during the game), but I don’t know how…could someone help me? for example, when property “take” (yes, I stll work at my taking objects project) equals 1, then the form value is…for example 50, when property take equals 0, form value is 0.40…is possible to change the form value in the logic bricks, or by script?

Second question - I have object which tracks to an another during the game, but I need it to track with some delay, like in case of “slow parent”, is there in BGE something like “slow track to”? (of course, I’m talking about track to as an actuator…not the constraint property - it doesn’t work in realtime and constraint properties in object settings - f7 can’t be turned off in logic bricks)

Thanks in advance…


Second question: Maybe create a dummy object or an empty that is slow parented to the object you want to track and then track to the dummy object instead? This should work like slow track… maybe?

I think, you misunderstood me (well, English is not my first language…I try to explain it better)…I mentioned the slow parent only for explain, what I mean under “slow track to”…when you make slow parent with slow track to, it’s the same track to, I don’t like current track to, because it looks at the object firmly, has no delay, no matter how fast the second object move…the best solution would be something like this: I take the object to my hands and when I collide with something, it will rotate a bit (only a bit, because I set the value form during the realtime to higher value, but I don’t know how - that’s the first question), but slowly return to the horizontal position (realistically simulating my effort of adjustment of object in my hands to the better position than right after collision with another object)…I really hope you understand what I want to say…and what I need it for, maybe someone has better idea how to solve this problem…

You can set the time parameter of the trackTo actuator.

Thanks a LOT, it’s exactly what I wanted…
now, could someone help me with form value change during the game? I tried own[“from”], but it look’s like “form” isn’t part of owner…it doesn’t change anything…any help?

See the docs.

own.actuators[‘Track’].object = SomeOtherOb

thank you for documentation, I usually visit tutorialsforblender3d when I want know something in python…but I can’t find the form property, I thought it may be in GameObject, but it isn’t…I also cannot find boundary settings (box, sphere, convex etc.)…I’m bit confused, where should I search for value “form”, or radius, collision type, damping, etc. in python? I can’t find it…:frowning:

Thanks in advance!

Nobody knows?