1 of my models has normals inverted after export

I have some blender models I’m exporting to direct X format. All the models export fine, except for one which gets the normals backwards.

The normals look correct in blender (all facing outward) but in the exported model they are all backwards. If I tell blender to recalculate normals inside, then they are wrong in blender but correct in the exported file. This is only happening on one model, the others behave normally. Any idea how to fix this?

edit: I’m also pretty sure that when I do an LSCM unwrap, the faces come out backwards (i.e. I have to mirror the unwrapped faces). I don’t think this happens on the normal models, only the messed up one.

is the scale of the object negative on any axes?

ah, that was it. Thanks for the quick answer :slight_smile: