1 on 1 support for learning BPY

Okay, weird question.
I wanna get into programming add ons, and I would like to have a more personal learning experience. I
am trying to do some seemingly basic operations (like finding specific edges on a model, moving them and splitting them…) and it is all rather frustrating.
I am willing to pay a couple bucks for someone to just hop on discord/skype with me and help me out with my basic addon-Idea - as in getting me on my way to be able to do it myself, not doing it for me of course :slight_smile:
I have only minor coding experience, but a more or less solid understanding of theory through blueprint based stuff on Unreal.

I mean - I’ve seen the tutorials. I know how to copy paste some info-log things into a text document but anything beyond that seemed pretty tedious so far.
Hope this is the right board.

Kind Regards!

You might try just posting your questions as you come across them here on the forum. Most questions get answered in just a few hours, and I can’t imagine you’ll get a much faster turnaround with a private mentor. There are multiple benefits to this approach:

  • you’ll get multiple perspectives.
  • other beginners will learn by seeing your questions (and future beginners will find your posts when they search)
  • you’ll get help from more experienced veterans (most of us likely do not have time to tutor someone one-on-one but we hop into the forums a couple times per day to help out).
  • it’s free :slight_smile:
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